Product Specifications

We provide a wide range of innovative protective floor coating and waterproofing systems.

Flooring and Coatings

RX Polyaspartic

Our range of patented polyaspartic coating solutions deliver superb concrete protection and customised decorative finishes to suit a variety of environments.

RX Toughseal

RX Toughseal is a polyurethane protective floor coating that provides maximum strength and a long-lasting high gloss finish for heavy traffic areas.

RX Foodsafe

RX Foodsafe is the ultimate fast-curing MMA resin system that meets the food industry’s operational needs for a clean, safe and sanitary environment.

RX PU 6290

RX-PU 6290 is a prepared high strength polyurethane screed designed to withstand heavy duty use.

RX Safety Flooring

Robex’s GripKits Safety Flooring systems are widely used across many industries where safety is a priority.

RX Floorguard Hi-Build

The ultimate heavy-duty epoxy floor coating for high traffic areas, RX Floorguard Hi-Build is a solvent-free resin system that is tough and durable.

RX Floorguard P2000

Robex Floorguard P2000 is a heavy to medium duty, flow applied, smooth flooring system based upon polyurethane technology.


RX Polar Coat is a smart tech coating that is perfect for cold storage warehouses, food handling and food processing rooms, cold rooms, coating of refrigerations boxes on delivery and transport vehicles, as well as abattoirs. It's easy to clean, odourless, 100% solvent-free, contains no voc's, extremely versatile, monolithic and retards bacterial growth.

Waterproofing and Linings

RX Protadeck

RX Protadeck is a high-performance waterproofing solution that protects concrete, timber and steel surfaces. It is a 100% seamless, fully bonded and trafficable.

RX Aqualiner

RX Aqualiner is a flexible pool lining material that is available in every colour. It is non-toxic, quick curing and fully bonded to provide an attractive, easily maintained, 100% watertight lining.

RX Proflex Roof Restoration

All the products in the RX Proflex range are based on modified liquid polypropylene combined with refined bitumen, selected synthetic resins and water displacing agents.

O.R.A Anti Rain

Transparent waterproofing for balconies, terraces and tiled surfaces in general. It does not alter the aspect of the floor.

RX Trustcoat

A colourless solution containing water repellent molecules that penetrate deep into the substrate to provide a highly durable barrier against water penetrations.

Maintenance Repair Products

RX Concrete Repairs

Our epoxy and polyurethane products can be used for repairs to damaged concrete, expansion joints, movement joints, for flexible repairs.

RX Chemical Anchoring

Robex has a number of different chemical resistant coatings and acid resistant paints, use of which depends on the substrate, the type of chemical and the environment.

RX Foams

RX Fire Retardant Foam is a BI fire rated polyurethane foam that conforms to Fire Class E and comes in an aerosol can.

RX Metal Repairs

Our coatings for metal can be used on metal clad roofing, internal steelwork, external steelwork, storage tanks and pipework.

RX Special Adhesives

We supply a range of high strength, multi-surface structural adhesives for use in tough environments and advanced industrial applications.

RX Pipe Repairs

We supply a range of permanent or temporary solutions to your pipe repair needs. Our products ensure effective pipe repairs for a range of high-pressure, rapid or underwater pipe applications.

RX Wood Repairs

We also specialise in the supply and application of wood repair and maintenance solutions that are practical, durable and cost-effective.

RX Anti-Corrosion

Our range of anti-corrosive coatings and rust prevention products provides long-term protection for a variety of surfaces and applications.

Specialist Coatings

RX Industry CR

Robex Industry CR is a rapid-curing, seamless coating system based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) technology. It is specifically formulated for use in areas of high traffic and chemical exposure.

RX Cera Guard 5000

RX Cera Guard systems combine the latest coating technology with glass flake protection and anti-bacterial properties to provide a range of fluid applied coating systems.

RX Hi Mech

RX Hi-Mech Liner CR is a vinyl ester resin combined with graded aggregates and state-of-the-art levelling agents, formulated for use in areas where standard resin systems will simply fail.

Companies we work with

Robex is one of the leading providers of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring systems as well as waterproofing products globally.