Food and Beverage Processing

Solutions for the food and beverage processing industry

Recommended products

RX Foodsafe

RX Foodsafe is the ultimate fast-curing MMA resin system that meets the food industry’s operational needs for a clean, safe and sanitary environment. Combining the strength of superior inter-coat adhesion with chemical, wear and slip resistance, RX Foodsafe offers a completely seamless hygienic flooring solution.

RX PU 6290

RXPU 6290 is a high-strength, hygienic, non-slip, polyurethane floor screed designed to provide excellent heavy-duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemicals. The entire finished system is seamless, hygienic, non-slip and completely waterproof.

RX Polarcoat

RX Polar Coat is a smart tech coating that is perfect for cold storage warehouses, food handling and food processing rooms, cold rooms, coating of refrigerations boxes on delivery and transport vehicles, as well as abattoirs. It's easy to clean, odourless, 100% solvent-free, contains no voc's, extremely versatile, monolithic and retards bacterial growth.

RX Gripkits

RX-Grip Kits are the perfect slip prevention solution for stairs, ramps, truck edges, machine steps and areas around equipment and machinery.

RX Duraquartz

The ultimate answer to concrete repairs in areas of high wear, floor movement and chemical or effluent attack. In addition, this product is ideally suited to repairs on concrete structures, street furniture, etc.

DIY Maintenance Products

Our inclusive and vast range of industrial and maintenance DIY products offer superior solutions that cover all of your maintenance needs. Our range includes an expansive array of materials including wood repair systems, anti-corrosion systems, floor and wall protective coatings, polyurethane and hygienic non-slip flooring, waterproofing and metal repair systems.

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