Why polyurethane flooring is ideal for workshops and facilities


Polyurethane flooring is a popular choice for workshops and facilities due to its durable, easy-to-clean properties. If you are considering polyurethane flooring in your facility, it is important that you understand what it is, its advantages and how it compares to other types of flooring.

What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane flooring, also known as PU flooring, This type of flooring is made of a chemical compound that forms a durable, protective layer over the concrete or other substrate, creating a smooth, even surface. Unlike conventional concrete and stone surfaces, it is not porous and, therefore, highly resistant to water, oil and chemicals often present in industrial environments. That makes it an ideal choice for warehouses, factories, shops and other workspaces. Besides its incredible strength and durability, polyurethane flooring can be tailored to meet specific requirements with different colours, textures, anti-microbial properties and more.

Advantages of polyurethane flooring in workshops and facilities

  • The main advantage of polyurethane flooring is its durability – it can handle heavy foot traffic as well as impacts from dropped tools or equipment without showing signs of wear or fading over time. 
  • It is resistant to chemicals, oils, acids, alkalis, and other liquids that often get spilt on factory floors. This makes it an ideal choice for workshops and facilities that need a floor that can withstand frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals without sustaining any damage. 
  • Polyurethane floors are also highly flexible making them a highly versatile and customisable option for many different types of flooring applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. 
  • Its anti-slip properties make it safer for workers who may be walking on wet surfaces or using machinery that produces vibration or heat. 
  • Polyurethane floors are also easy to install, maintain and repair with minimal downtime or disruption to operations. This type of flooring does not require regular waxing or polishing like other floors. 

When compared to epoxy floors or concrete floors, two common choices for industrial facilities, polyurethane floors are more durable and easier to clean than either option. Epoxy floors are not as resistant to chemicals and require regular maintenance, such as waxing or buffering; concrete floors can crack over time if not maintained properly. Additionally, epoxy and concrete floors are difficult to install, whereas polyurethane flooring can be put down quickly.

Products we recommend for workshops and facilities

RX Toughseal
The Robex team has been installing RX Toughseal in workshops and facilities across Africa. RX Toughseal is a polyurethane protective floor coating that provides maximum strength and a long-lasting high gloss finish for heavy traffic areas. It is ideal for any surface that requires tremendous flexibility, abrasion resistance and extreme durability. The coating is ideal for concrete surfaces because of its resistance against a wide range of aggressive exposure. View the full specs here.

RX Toughseal Demarcation Lines
Demarcation lines in facilities are important for safety because they help to clearly delineate areas where specific types of activities can take place. These lines are usually painted or marked on the floor, and they may be of different colours or designs to indicate different purposes. Demarcation lines can be used to prevent hazards, manage traffic, organise work areas and can be used to indicate emergency response routes and exits. View the full specs here.

RX Safety Flooring
The GripKits Safety Flooring solutions from Robex are extensively used in a variety of sectors where worker safety is a top concern. This commercial flooring solution works well in areas with foot activity. It’s a great option for stairways as well. RX Safety Flooring will bond to almost any surface, which makes it incredibly versatile and easy to use. This solution is the most effective long-term remedy for dangerous slippery regions. Its uses include pool edges, platform edges, level crossings, gantries, fire escapes, ramps, walkways, and upper surfaces of pipelines and tanks. It’s offered in both fine and coarse aggregate and in a variety of colours to suit any commercial storefront or shopping centre environment. View the full specs here.

At Robex, we are committed to delivering our customers the best in flooring, waterproofing, and general maintenance products as a company with over 35 years of expertise in South Africa and globally. Only the best coating technologies will suffice to meet the demands of the industrial environment. As a result, we design floors that are as robust as nails. In fact, it’s tougher. Our protective coating solutions are state-of-the-art, inventive, and designed for the toughest situations, making them ideal for the industrial setting. We apply coatings to processing facilities, workshops, chemical storage spaces, machinery, and equipment at all stages of production.

Contact us at info@robexusa.com or 011 896 9600 for your industrial flooring solutions.

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