Signs that your warehouse or factory needs new floors


Warehouse and factory floors take a lot of abuse in a busy environment, withstanding daily foot traffic, heavy machinery or steel trolleys being manoeuvred around as well as exposure to powerful cleaning chemicals. It’s important to know what signs to look out for that indicate your warehouse needs new floors.

A factory or warehouse floor that is regularly maintained will cost less and last longer. It will also be compliant according to health and safety regulations. Floors that start to form bumps or lumps can be hazardous as they can cause wobbly shelves or tripping hazards. Taking care of cracks, scuffs, and scratches in time can ensure less chance of damp or further damage. 

Basically, it pays to know when to refurbish your factory floors, and here are 7 signs to look out for that highlight you may need new warehouse flooring:

Does it comply with the regulations set in 1977

If your flooring was last replaced prior to 1977, then you will need to check that it still complies with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act of 1977. The regulations state that “any floor of any building shall be designed and constructed to safely support its own weight and any actions which can reasonably be expected to occur and in such a manner that any local damage (including cracking), deformation or vibration do not compromise the efficient use of the building or the functioning of equipment supported by such a floor”. 

It also includes that the floor needs to be:

  • Fire-resistant and where necessary, non-combustible.
  • Floors of laundries, kitchens, shower-rooms, bathrooms must be water-resistant.

Has it been ‘patch’ repaired 

Due to the nature of the older methods of fixing flooring, it was easier to ‘patch up’ problem areas like cracks and chips simply because the factory or warehouse couldn’t afford the massive downtime in operations that is sometimes required to redo the flooring. Unfortunately this kind of repairing results in larger cracks and is only a temporary fix. If your floors have been patch repaired, then it is crucial that it gets replaced. Minimising downtime for flooring upgrades is something Robex specialises in. We offer a number of quick-curing flooring solutions that enables our clients to return in just over 60 minutes.

It no longer withstands impact

If your flooring is old, you will notice the surface shows cracks and signs of wearing out. Minor repairs only use up budgets and eat into your operational efficiency. Also, modern flooring brings with it all the benefits of modern standards – which, cannot be denied, provides a far safer and more effective flooring solution. 

It is uneven in places 

It is quite common for older warehouse and factory floors to develop lumps and unevenness due to years and years of heavyweights and traffic. This can cause tripping (workplace safety) as well as wobbly surfaces for racks and shelves. So if your floors are no longer level, it’s time to update it.

There are cracks and chips 

In many cases, the warehouse is a showcase for clients and investors that visit, and if your warehouse flooring is riddled with marks and chips it will look as if it is in need of repair. A warehouse that looks clean and maintained will make a better impression for these types of business interactions.

Employees are at risk of injury 

It’s important that your type of flooring meets the needs of your type of business, such as non-slip surfaces for walkways to reduce accidents in the workplace. So if your flooring has slippery areas that frequently receive foot traffic, it’s important to fix that as soon as possible.

It hasn’t been updated to be fit for its current purpose

Over time, the use of a particular factory or warehouse may change – and with it, the flooring should ideally be updated to be fit for purpose. If the flooring was designed to withstand light industrial use, it cannot now be used safely with heavy machinery such as forklifts.


What product to use for your new warehouse floors:

Our advanced systems are specifically designed for the logistics and distribution industry, and our rapid cure technology enables us to reduce unwanted disruption and downtime. Robex premium Floor Coatings offer the leading edge in flooring technology, with a solution for every type of situation. 

The Robex systems specifically designed for the logistics and distribution industry include expansion joint repair and sealing, concrete repair, as well as health and safety demarcations. 

Our RX Toughseal is recommended for warehouses, factories, workshops, chemical plants, plant rooms and battery charging areas. It is impervious to a wide range of contaminants, easy to clean and maintain, impact-resistant and durable, and is reinforced for rolling load assistance of forklifts and steel-wheeled trollies. 

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